Investment strategy

AGA gives shareholders access to a portfolio of Apax Private Equity Funds, as well as a smaller portfolio of debt. These strategies focus on global opportunities across four sectors.

Our performance


Total NAV Return

Q1 2024

Private Equity Total Return

Q1 2024

Debt Total Return

Q1 2024

Private Equity portfolio

Access to a portfolio of ‘hidden gems’. These are mostly private companies, many of which were acquired by the Apax Funds in control buyouts not accessible to shareholders elsewhere. The majority of these businesses operate globally, in coveted categories, in four attractive sectors.

This investment strategy focuses on business improvement to drive growth. The Apax team looks for under-optimised assets where financial performance can be accelerated through business quality improvement.

Debt portfolio

Capital not invested in Private Equity is primarily invested in debt. This portfolio enhances the robustness of AGA’s balance sheet and supports unfunded commitments to the Apax Private Equity Funds whilst also providing an additional source of alpha for AGA and a steady flow of income to support dividends.


Driving successful innovation and growth


Pinpointing emerging opportunities in the world’s largest market

Internet / Consumer

Backing the businesses that drive disruption across a diverse and rapidly evolving landscape


Helping businesses take advantage of new challenges and opportunities in a vital sector