Internet / Consumer

The Apax Funds have invested in the consumer, retail, and media industries for many decades, and in the past ten years has catalysed, in partnership with world-class management teams, the successful digital transformation of many businesses, pivoting towards investments in digital-first companies and away from traditional bricks and mortar.

AGA’s Invested Portfolio
as at 31/03/2024
Core sub-sectors

Online marketplaces

The Apax Funds have a strong track record in investing in online marketplaces globally.

Consumer packaged goods

Focus on investments in well-positioned consumer packaged goods brands, where businesses can be improved through a combination of distribution growth, geographic expansion, digital development, new product innovation, and the strategic acquisition of complementary brands.

Trade Me

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    Apax IX
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    Rest of World

Founded in 1999, Trade Me is an online marketplace and classified advertising platform in New Zealand.