Exit with a significant uplift


  • Healthcare
  • Year of investment
  • Fund
    Apax IX
  • Status
  • Date of exit
    November 2022

Kepro is a leading provider of technology-enabled solutions in healthcare services. Kepro partners with government and private healthcare players to maximise healthcare quality, improve accuracy and increase efficiency.

Apax IX acquired Kepro in 2017 with the original investment thesis of backing a leading player in an attractive, fragmented market which was benefitting from increased outsourcing by government players looking to ensure cost-efficient quality and compliance.

Over the five years of ownership, Apax IX helped transform the business into a national, tech-enabled market leader that was coveted by strategic players in the government services sector.

Our performance


Gross MOIC¹


Gross IRR¹

Value Creation

Enhancing leadership

Revamped the management team, including CEO, CFO, Chief Growth Officer, Chief Legal & Compliance Officer, Chief Product Officer, and Chief Human Resources Officer.

Strategic shift

Focused Kepro on higher value clinical solutions and contracts that could benefit from Kepro’s in-house technology capabilities, which were bolstered with investment; added a software-only product offering.

Driving growth together

Drove accelerated new contract wins, improved retention, and higher NPS through a collaboration between:

  1. The strengthened management team
  2. Highly relevant board members
  3. Apax’s Operational Excellence Practice

Unlocking opportunities

Executed three strategic acquisitions at attractive entry multiples which were sourced through the Apax network.